How to Join


We welcome your organisation to join our group of active members aiming to increase consumers’ awareness of the benefits of cereal grains and increase the consumption of cereal grains, as well as advance the knowledge in wholegrain processing for improved technological and nutritional functionality

  • The mission of the Healthgrain Forum is to promote science-based concepts fully unlocking the health promoting potential in the entire grain food production chain to obtain healthy, convenient and appealing foods
  • The vision of the Healthgrain Forum is that grain-based foods assist consumers in health maintenance worldwide, help reduce health care costs and provide added value for companies in the production chain from farm to fork
What do we offer?
  • An excellent channel to get up-to-date information about the research related to whole grains and cereal dietary fibres
  • Interactions between academia and industry to initialize research strategies, new international consortia and precompetitive collaborative projects (such as EU-HealthBread)
  • Two annual workshops for members to interact with each other and to discuss joint plans and needs of action

If you want to become a member of the HEALTHGRAIN Forum association, please download and fill in the attached Confirmation of interest form.

Dr. Carola Buller, GoodMills Innovation, Head of R&D
Carola Buller


1. Please tell us who you are, where are you from and how your work is related to fibre/wholegrain issues
My name is Carola Buller. I am a German food chemist and worked several years in the academic cereal chemistry research field. Cereals are still my passion: Today I am heading the research & development department of GoodMills Innovation GmbH. We are developing innovative, grain-based ingredients which combine functionality and taste and that also can contribute to more health benefits.

2. How long you have been member of HGF and how you are participating to forum activities?
My company was one of the founding members of HGF. I joined the forum six years ago. Since that time I am closely linked to the HGF, having participated in workshops on average twice a year as well as being active in the communication task force.

3. What is your view about benefits of being member in HGF forum, based on your own experience?
As a HGF member, I am part of the European (and increasingly worldwide) cereal community. The network allows me to be in constant contact with people from academia as well as industry from all over Europe. I have not found such an interesting, open, and fruitful exchange elsewhere. The workshops are an excellent opportunity to get informed about the latest cereal research findings and community news while the task force sessions provide sufficient room for (pro)active participation and for moving things. Finally, the HFG is a platform where ideas can be realized and new products generated, such as the HEALTHBREAD project, where intensive research was successfully transferred from lab scale to production conditions and – in the end – to real bread products available on the market.

Dr. Jörg Spieldenner, Nestlé Research Center, Head of Public Health Nutrition
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