Definition of whole grain

The definition of whole grain developed by the HEALTHGRAIN Consortium has been presented in the Final HEALTHGRAIN Conference, Lund (Sweden), 5-7 May 2010 and in a range of press releases. It was – as the only wholegrain definition worldwide – published in a peer reviewed journal, Food & Nutrition Research in 2014 (attached). This definition is similar to the definition of AACC International (1999) but is more closely following current industrial production practices regarding:

  • The ways in which endosperm, bran and germ - after separation in the milling process - can be recombined
  • Inclusion of the option of removal, for quality and safety purposes, of max. 2% of the grain / 10% of the bran

The HEALTHGRAIN Forum will continue with

  • Communication of the definition in and outside Europe
  • Getting approval of the definition at the EU level, and possibly worldwide as the definition of whole grain since one single definition will contribute to better information for consumers and will facilitate the approval of health claims
  • Developing guidelines for criteria for whole grain products and labelling, since the current definition is mainly covering aspects related to raw materials

Your support in getting the definition approved in and beyond your country will be highly appreciated. You may contact jan-willem.vanderkamp [at] - HEALTHGRAIN Forum’s Communication Officer.

For more information, see the documents attached below.