Activities related to grains and health

Here you find documents of HEALTHGRAIN Forum activities and overviews related to grains and health.

Whole Grain Council Research Report 2017

HEALTHGRAIN Forum leaflets and presentations

HGF presentation: Health Effects of Cereal Fibre

HEALTHGRAIN Forum presentation "Health Effects of Cereal Fibre"
(Jan. 2015)


HGF leaflet: Healthy Cereal Foods

HEALTHGRAIN Forum leaflet "Carbohydrate, fibre and whole grain intake and health"
(Dec. 2012)


HGF presentation: The benefits of whole grain

HEALTHGRAIN Forum presentation "The Benefits of Whole Grain"
(Dec. 2012)


HGF leaflet: Health-protective mechanisms of whole grain cerealsHEALTHGRAIN Forum leaflet "Health-protective mechanisms of whole grain cereals - new hypotheses" (Oct. 2011). A summary of:

Anthony Fardet in Nutrition Research Reviews (2010): New hypotheses for the health-protective mechanisms of whole-grain cereals: what is beyond fibre?


Presentations from the HEALTHGRAIN Forum Symposium at the 11th European Nutrition Conference (FENS), 26-29 October 2011:

EFSA Scientific opinions

Positive EFSA Scientific opinions:

Note: the proposed health claims relating wheat bran and (oat) beta glucans to maintenance or achievement of normal body weight were rejected by EFSA.

Negative EFSA Scientific opinions:

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