Activities related to grains and health

Here you find documents of HEALTHGRAIN Forum activities and overviews related to grains and health.

HEALTHGRAIN Forum leaflets and presentations

HGF presentation: Health Effects of Cereal Fibre

HEALTHGRAIN Forum presentation "Health Effects of Cereal Fibre"
(Jan. 2015)


HGF leaflet: Healthy Cereal Foods

HEALTHGRAIN Forum leaflet "Carbohydrate, fibre and whole grain intake and health"
(Dec. 2012)


HGF presentation: The benefits of whole grain

HEALTHGRAIN Forum presentation "The Benefits of Whole Grain"
(Dec. 2012)


HGF leaflet: Health-protective mechanisms of whole grain cerealsHEALTHGRAIN Forum leaflet "Health-protective mechanisms of whole grain cereals - new hypotheses" (Oct. 2011). A summary of:

Anthony Fardet in Nutrition Research Reviews (2010): New hypotheses for the health-protective mechanisms of whole-grain cereals: what is beyond fibre?


Presentations from the HEALTHGRAIN Forum Symposium at the 11th European Nutrition Conference (FENS), 26-29 October 2011:

EFSA Scientific opinions

Positive EFSA Scientific opinions:

Note: the proposed health claims relating wheat bran and (oat) beta glucans to maintenance or achievement of normal body weight were rejected by EFSA.

Negative EFSA Scientific opinions:

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