Definition and analysis of dietary fibre

After years of discussion Codex and EU adopted new, almost identical definitions of dietary fibre in 2008.

Two issues need to be discussed further:

  • The requirement for added isolated or synthesised fibre of having a beneficial physiological effect as demonstrated by generally accepted scientific evidence. In the EU, fibre preparations with approved health claims will obviously qualify, but it remains to be settled if less demanding documentation will be accepted for labelling only.
  • Methods for fibre analysis. The current method (AOAC985.29) used for fibre levels in food composition databases all over the world does not measure/ partially measures levels of oligosaccharides /resistant starch and compounds included in the new definitions. The use of correct methods will result in higher levels for fibre for bread, pasta and other grain based products.

The HEALTHGRAIN Forum is aiming at getting correct values for dietary fibre for cereal grain based products in food databases all over Europe.

For more information, see the attached PDF documents: